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Don’t just get certifiedbecome a diver!

Looe Key Dive Center doesn’t believe in just certifying divers. We think it’s in your best interest to really learn to dive. That means better instruction and more time in the water than just the minimums, in both the pool and open water. When you finish a scuba course with us, you should feel comfortable and confident to dive without an instructor. And we’ll work with you as long as necessary until you are ready.

Looe Key Dive Center is the only complete dive training facility in the Lower Keys. Explore and learn in our air-conditioned classroom featuring the latest in digital materials (that never go out of date), and then train in our on-site pool instead of a dirty canal. The full service Dive Shop and our fully equipped boat are just steps away. You can even stay in our on-site hotel and dine at the Looe Key Tiki Bar.”away.

Learn to Dive!

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Try Scuba Initial Certification Programs Specialty Courses Scuba Refresher Non-Diving Courses

Have you always wanted to try scuba but don't have time for the full certification course? In a single day, you can explore the tropical underwater world with a scuba instructor at your side.

Has it been a while since your last dive? Consider taking one of our Scuba Refresher courses to tune up your skills and and make your diving safer and more fun.

“We believe in teaching you to dive, not just getting you certified. That means better training and more time in the water. You can do the full course with us here or do the academics and pool work at home and then enjoy your open water checkout dives on our warm tropical reef. With all of our classes, you do the pre-study at home using the latest in digital training materials. Do the reading at your convenience and then schedule your class when you’re ready to get wet. We’ll make sure you feel comfortable to dive without an instructor as a Level 1 Diver.”

“Already certified and ready to explore new areas or just become a better diver? We offer several courses to add to your skills and confidence. We can even prepare you to be a Dive Professional yourself. We use the same industry leading digital training materials and emphasis on more time in the water.  Do the reading at your convenience and then schedule your class when you’re ready to get wet.”

“This is where you really become a diver! These courses are for certified divers wanting to expand their experience, skills, and knowledge in a variety of special areas and interests. We believe a diver really needs at least 50 dives with experience in deep, night, navigation, EAN/Nitrox, and Rescue to be a truly comfortable and competent diver in most conditions. Culminate your education and experience with our Master Diver program.”

“We offer a complete range of first aid, CPR, and Oxygen courses as well as a variety of course that do not require diving. Perfect for those who are interested in the marine world but are not divers yet or for the windy days when the boat can’t go out.”

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