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"Advanced Adventurer / Advanced Open Water Diver (and equivalents)

“Includes digital training materials, 5 open water dives, tanks and weights. Rental equipment, SMB, slate, cutting device, and logbook not included. Course fee: $450 + tax.”

Electives for Adventure Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver:


(Rescue) (and Junior Rescue) - “The Rescue course is one of the most fun an challenging courses. And it’s a great way to take care of your diving family and friends. It starts with a review and fine tuning of self-rescue and diver stress mitigation in order to take care of yourself. Then we move into taking care of other divers. It develops the knowledge, techniques, and skills to perform rescues and manage diving situations and incidents/accidents. Course requires Home Study with our industry leading digital training materials, and  3-4 days of classroom and water training. To begin class, diver must be current in first aid, CPR, and Oxygen administration. Includes digital training materials, pool sessions, open water dives, tanks and weights. Requires SMB, slate, and cutting device. Course fee: $500.”

"Master Scuba Diver – To qualify as a Master Scuba Diver, the diver must complete  5 specialty courses, including Rescue, and have a minimum of 50 total dives logged. Instructor will determine cost and schedule based on student’s certification level and specialty courses already completed upon entering the course and specialty courses the student selects to finish the course. Included items are the same as the individual courses."

Divemaster – Must be Rescue Diver Certified from any training organization. This is the first step to becoming a diving professional. This course provides extensive dive knowledge and skill development in preparation for managing dive activities and supervision of both student and certified divers. Requires extensive home study. Schedules vary. Includes required educational material, classroom training, pool sessions, tanks, weights, air fills, and all boat trips. Course fee: $850 + tax Additional fee for Divemaster application.

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